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Authentic Texas craftsmanship with 100% heart.

J.W. Neathery knows that choosing a builder is the most important decision that you make when building or remodeling a home. A quality builder oversees every detail of your home construction, keeps things running smoothly, and can save you time and money. A good builder needs to have exceptional craftsmanship, authenticity, solid communication and planning skills, and most importantly, a legacy of success. Get to know the exceptional team building on a legacy of craftsmanship for over 40 years.

We live what we build.

Here at J.W. Neathery, custom home craftsmanship is more than what we do, it’s who we are. Beyond “practicing what we preach”, we live the lifestyle that we help create for others — this is something we mention a lot, but what does it mean? We live in custom homes on rural acreage that we have built for our own families. We built our homes to suit ourselves and our families, not changing our family dynamic to fit around the homes we live in. It’s a way of living that we enjoy and are invested in creating for others.

Hard work and authentic Texas craftsmanship are in our blood. The Neathery family name has a longstanding legacy of quality craftsmanship – putting the Neathery name on a project is a point of pride for our family. We know that we offer a premium service and we are proud of our legacy and of the work that we do.

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A legacy of craftsmanship

Let's build something amazing together.

Our team is ready to help you identify your space needs, design preferences, and personal touches to create the perfect plan for your new custom home remodel.